Monday, May 09, 2005

Catching Up

OMG i havn't written in a while SRY to mii loyal blog readers, mii dearest apologies, HAHA that sounds soo funni. OK what shall i talk about first...............
i think i shall talk about the THHGTTG(the hitchiker's guide to the galaxy)

Copying from Iona.......
Spoiler alert if u don't wanna know what happens in this movie or n e thing related to it than scroll down to the next space with red writing.

Ok first of all THIS MOVIE WAS COMPLETELY THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now u might think i am fully crazy for doing this but o0o well>>>I am making a Marvin out of yarn>>This thing is completely awesome. Ok some of the parts of this movie were so sad. For instance the part when Marvin gets shot with the lazer beems because he wadles too slow. By the way his waddle is HALARIOUS. Also, when Trillian shoots Zaphod with the POV gun. By the way Zaphod is the funniest character ever i love him he makes me crack up. N e way when she shoots him he gets all depressed because she thinks that he is no good for her.....Sort of. But some of the parts were utterly HALARIOUS. For instance, the part when the giant sperm whale is falling out of the sky and when he gets toward the end of his fall he says, "Look it's big and flat it deserves a good name, Ow Grou GROUND!!! Maybe it will be mii friend!!!" Then u hear a giant thump as he hits the ground and a big cloud of smoke erupts. IONA I CAN'T BELIEVE U DIDN'T PUT THAT IN U'R BLOG. U shall suffer from now on and this will haunt you forever. Any way if u r not Me, Cat, or Iona, u probably won't think this is that halarious because we have a serious obsession with this part of the book. wait no scratch that. I have a serious obsession with this part of the book. There that's better....LOL.

OK i'm done obssesing over The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy now. You can read on after this point.

Ok now i will talk about something completely random like...................BIKE RIDING he he
So when you first learn how to bike ride your someone stands behind you and holds the bike. Then they say that they are still holding onto it but really they aren't but you think they are so you keep going. Now if you are someone who has no sense of direction like my brother for instance you think that after a few days of this you have it down pat. So you go and ride down the biggest hill in the neighborhood and you are going so fast that you forget how to break and loose control of your bike and all the sudden the neighbor's mail box has colided with your head. You personaly probably have never done this in your entire life but that's bnesides the point. Just the random thought of bike riding reminded me of this rediculous story about mii brother.

Well thatz enough about bike riding............Ok i really can't think of anything else to write about that might be of interest to mii loyal blog readers. That would probably have been a good thing to write before the whole thing about bike riding but thatz besides the point.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


YAY this is totally and completely awesome
I got into National Junior Honor Society and so did all the following that i know of
  1. ME
  2. Iona
  3. Cat
  4. Bridget
  5. Sarah
  6. Brianne
  7. Alyssa

I am so excited because most of mii friends got in this is the best. The only downside to it is that we have to get our pictures taken (I hate getting pictures taken) and on top of that we need to wear dressy clothes. I hate wearing dressy clothes. This is soo kool i am majorly excited. If you are someone who reads mii blog and got into NJHS than comment and i'll try to add it but id think i know how to do that but thatz ok.



Monday, April 25, 2005

Daily Questions

I was talking to mii friend Shannon online and she asked me her "Daily Question". The question was Am I annoying? I think this is funni, why she would want to know this i do not know but thatz a different story. Now i will try to think of a daily question, obvilously, every day. Mii friends will prolly get extremely annoyed because i will ask them all the question every day.......So if u know me than beware of my Daily Questions. Today i think i will steal Shannon's and ask everyone out there Am I Annoying???? Even if u don't know me and u just happen to be reading my woops mii blog u can still answer the question in a comment. Judging by mii blogs what do u think i am like, my personality, things like that. I am very interested to know what u say so respond, please.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mii new Blog

Heyy everyone
This is mii all new blog
If you are wondering why i keep spelling mii like that the answer is well..............idk i think it looks neat he he
Iona i know u just love mii web address right..........i knew i was right (laughs)
I just went Kyaking with Cat and mii dad........i know i spelt kyaking wrong but thatz ok
Cat almost tipped me over that was an adventure i was like almost halfway in the water but i pulled miiself back up
Then i was like 2 stroks away from touching a duck but then it got sccared and flew away....(I named him George)
At the end when we were getting out of the kyaks Cat got out and sorta pushed the kyak away with her foot that was still in it. Then mii dad yelled "Get the kyak." So Cat initial reaction was to run into the water it was halarious. She was soaked.
Speaking of halarious that reminds me of the 4 phrases that TH now stands for.
  1. Thatz Hippi
  2. Thatz halarious
  3. Thatz humorous
  4. Thatz Hot

So now u know if I ever say TH i am talking about one of those 4 phrases that can be substituted with the letters T and H put together as an entire articulate(thatz a funni word)sound of TH. Although u can probably also say it as Thhhhhhhhhh as in thigh or thing but i have to check with Cat on that one cause u know shes like the master of TH's.

Well wasn't that interesting..........................TAFN(thatz all for now)